Val di fassa ski map

Pala del Geiger 0, km. Ski lift 1 person Campo scuola Valbona Connected slopes: Both these resorts are proper mountain villages with a lot of charm. Le Pope 0, km.

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Le Fassane 1, km.

Pra di Tori 2, km Latermarwiesen 1, km. Golf II 0, km. Variante Agonistica Bassa Difficulty. Sign up to our Newsletter Keep up to date with the last minute offers, latest news, curiosities and events in Val di Fassa.

Ski lift 1 vall Capanna Margherita Connected slopes: Ski lift 1 person Chiesetta 1 Connected slopes: By using these services, you agree to the use of cookies on the Website.

Val Di Fassa Piste Map

Fraine 2 - Campo Scuola Difficulty. Kristiania 1, km Variante Rossa 0, km.

Detachable chairlift 4 people Ciampac - Sella Brunech Connected slopes: Campo Dj Valbona Difficulty. Detachable chair lift with canopy 4 people Vajolet 1 Connected slopes: Variante del Gigio Difficulty. Buffaure - Pozza Panorama 5, km Vulcano 2, km. With a simple touch of your finger you can explore the entire valley! Chair Lift 3 people Aloch Connected slopes: Saline - Lago Cavia Difficulty.

Buffaure - Pozza Panorama Difficulty. Detachable chair lift with canopy 4 people Campo - Le Cune Connected slopes: Ski lift 1 person Le Pope Connected slopes: Mp 0, km Grohmann 0, km.

Ski map Val di Fassa-Carezza (Italy)

Apres-ski, restaurants and other activities in Val Di Fassa. Ciampedie Pian Pecei 0, km. Raccordo Pradazzo - Zingari Difficulty. Cable car people Col Rodella Connected slopes: Webcam and ski bullettin. Val di Fassa in winter is a place for real connoisseurs. Ski lift 1 person Moseralm Connected slopes: Tschein 4, km Variante Tschein 4, km Collegamento Tschein 0, km.

Val di Fassa Piste Map

Ski lift 1 person Baby Buffaure Connected slopes: Col Margherita - Lago Cavia 2, ma; Zingari 1, km. Detachable chair lift with canopy 4 people Kristiania Connected slopes: Nuova Cima Uomo Difficulty. Detachable chairlift 6 people Tschein Connected slopes: Del Bosco - Lupo Bianco Difficulty.

Skilift 1 person Sasso di Rocca Connected slopes:

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