The smd codebook

If there is more than one entry, use the package style to differentiate between devices with the same ID code. Recently some manufacturers have used a symbol or lower case letter to indicate the country of manufacture. A manufacture logo or mark on the package can be really helpfull to identify the package. For example, if you know its a transistor, you could verify the type of transistor with a multi meter or diodes can be easily determined with the diode mode of a meter.

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Then start checking datasheets as most of the leading manufactures provide SMT codes in datasheets with the package information. If all that doesn't work, and your part is still functional, you might have to do more reverse engineering of the circuit and find the functionality of the part.

Step still can't find it 3 So what do you do at this point if you can't find what your part is? Where possible, the listing gives the part number of a conventional wire-leaded device with equivalent characteristics. Use parametric searches at the manufacturer's website and package information to narrow down the number of parts.

SMD Code Search

I thought I'd write this thr since other related questions had insufficient information and to hopefully lessen the constant stream of component id questions we get here.

Colour, if significant, is shown in small type after the code letter. I searched Google and the smd code bookno satisfying result.

Some of the transistors are types with integrated resistors; in the list, a base resistor means a resistor connected in series with the base. This is a great answer.

THE SMD CODE BOOK Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

Note that sometimes the package pins are underneath the part or extended away from the part. Unfortunately, cocebook device code is not necessarily unique. The smd code book. For example, if the code is 1Aaccording to the table there are a number of possibilities: How do I identify SMD components?

The entries under the Manufacturer column are not intended to be comprehensive; rather they are intended to provide help on locating sources of more detailed information if you require it.

Because of current leakage in a circuit when it is off, parts such as capacitors or unmarked resistors may need to be desoldered from the board to find the true value the rest of the circuit is in parallel with the component when the terminals of the meter are placed across it. ID Code Variations Many manufacturers use an extra letter as their own identification code. Many manufacturers have also SMD code lists. Does not really work for SOT23 or similarly sized components: I think, if its "Ab", can be a transistor too from smd book: Hi again, This is very usefull book for smd component code s Regards.

Hi, Are you shure pls? RF, Microwave, Antennas and Optics:: Recently some manufacturers have used a symbol or lower case letter to indicate the country of manufacture. A site for electronics abbreviations?

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Package dimensions can also be found at manufactures websites in datasheets or sometimes in files separate from datasheets, it might take some hunting around to find them Here are some resources to help you find different packages or use this below: NXP Step 2 Identify all markings on the top of the component.

Use what you know about the part. For example, a device specified as NPN 20V 0. Many recent Motorola devices have a small superscript letter after the device code, such as SA C. Step 1 Identify the package, note how many pins, match up the pins first. Even the same manufacturer may use the same code for different devices!


Step 2 Identify all markings on the top of the component. And if visual identification doesn't work you can desolder it and probe away at it. The more certainty you have of the package type or narrowed it down to a few codeebook and you think you know what the part does, you can use a distributor search such as DigikeyMouseror Octopart to narrow down what the part is.

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