Sykes picot agreement

The British Government, in authorising the letters despatched to King Hussein [Sharif of Mecca] before the outbreak of the revolt by Sir Henry McMahon, would seem to raise a doubt as to whether our pledges to King Hussein as head of the Arab nation are consistent with French intentions to make not only Syria but Upper Mesopotamia another Tunis. The Making of the Modern Near East — The Balfour Declaration along with its potential claim in Palestine was in the meantime issued on 2 November and the British entered Jerusalem on December 9, with Allenby on foot 2 days later accompanied by representatives of the French and Italian detachments. Mark Sykes had been dispatched on instructions of the War Office at the beginning of June to discuss the Committee's findings with the British authorities in the Near and Middle East and at the same time to study the situation on the spot. That Great Britain be accorded 1 the ports of Haifa and Acre, 2 guarantee of a given supply of water from the Tigres and Euphrates in area a for area b.

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I have on more than one occasion brought to the notice of His Majesty's Government the deep antipathy with which the Arabs regard the prospect of French Administration of any portion of Arab territory.

Britain was to exercise control over southern Mesopotamia " Red Zone agreemenfas well as the territory around the Acre-Haifa bay in the Mediterranean with rights to build a railway from there to Baghdad. The British, the Arabs and Zionism, —47— The negotiations with the Arabs as to the boundaries of the Arab states shall be continued through the same channel as heretofore on behalf of the two powers.

Bowman says there were around 2. The agreement led to the division of Turkish-held SyriaIraqLebanonand Palestine into various French- and British-administered areas.

Sykes-Picot Agreement | |

Sykes, Two Studies in Virtueindex; H. Sharif Pasha presented a "Memorandum on the Claims of the Kurd People" to the Paris peace Conference in and the suppressed report of the King—Crane Commission also recommended a form of autonomy in "the natural geographical area which lies between the proposed Armenia on the north and Mesopotamia on the south, with the divide between the Euphrates and the Tigris as the western boundary, and the Persian frontier as the eastern boundary".

The French had reluctantly agreed to issue the declaration at the insistence of the British. That Alexandretta shall be a free port as regards the trade of the British empire, and that there shall be no discrimination in port charges or facilities as regards British shipping and British goods; that there shall be freedom of transit for British goods through Alexandretta and by railway through the blue area, or b area, or area a ; and there shall be no discrimination, direct or indirect, against British goods on any railway or against British goods or ships at any port serving the areas mentioned.

The negotiations with the Arabs as to the boundaries of the Arab states shall be continued through the same channel as heretofore on behalf of the two powers. The War Cabinet, reviewing this conference on 25 April, "inclined to the view that sooner or later the Sykes—Picot Agreement might have to be reconsidered Areas of Palestine per the agreement.

The Eastern Committee met nine times in November and December to draft a set of resolutions on British policy for the benefit of the negotiators. On 3 Januaryan initialled memorandum was forwarded to the Foreign Office and after having been circulated for comments, [a] An interdepartmental conference was convened by Nicolson on 21 January. Wikisource has original text related to this article: Problems in Political Geography.

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Sykes–Picot Agreement

That Great Britain be accorded 1 the ports of Haifa and Acre, 2 guarantee of a given supply of water from the Tigres and Euphrates in area a for area b. This content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.

It is to be understood by both governments that this railway is to facilitate the connection of Baghdad with Haifa by rail, and it is further understood that, if the engineering difficulties and expense entailed by keeping this connecting line in the brown area only make the project unfeasible, that the French government shall be prepared to consider that the line in question may also traverse the Polgon Banias Keis Marib Salkhad tell Otsda Mesmie before reaching area b.

Defining proposed spheres of influence and control in the Middle East should the Triple Entente succeed in defeating the Ottoman Agreemenf.

Agreemebt 21 April, Faisal left for the East. Lloyd George explained that he was "in the position of syoes man who had inherited two sets of engagements, those to King Hussein and those to the French", Faisal noting that the arrangement "seemed to be based on the agreement between the British and the French".

The Agreement of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne of April promised Italy concessions on the Anatolian coast; one Allied motive in this was to persuade Rome to scale down its claims on…. By the Sykes-Picot Agreement ofFrance was to be free to establish its administration in Lebanon and on the coast and to provide advice and assistance to whatever regime existed in the interior.

Britain and France conclude Sykes-Picot agreement

Having juxtaposed the desiderata of all the parties concerned - namely the British, the French and the Arabs - the two statesmen worked out a compromise solution. Help us improve this article!

War aims of the belligerents. In the subsequent discussions, France staked its claim to Syria and its mandate while the British sought to carve out the Arab areas of zones A and B arguing that France had implicitly accepted such an arrangement even though it was the British that had entered into the arrangement with the Arabs. This regulation was only one of many that were passed in the early days of America to help preserve certain Internet URLs are syeks best.

The UK and French claims were both agreed, all sides also agreeing that the exact governance of the Holy Places was to be left for later settlement. That in the blue area France, and in the red area great Britain, shall be allowed to agresment such direct or indirect administration or control as they desire and as they may think fit to arrange with the Arab state or confederation of Arab states.

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