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By doing so, the paper will help: Saeed Quraishy, Shahana Urooj Kazmi. From the comparisons, the researcher found that the Ethiopian civil code governing sales of goods are incompatible with the aforementioned international convention and principles on the areas of scope of applicability, interpretation, formation of the contract, obligation of the parties, risk of loss, breach of contract and remedies.

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The underlying structure which we have opted for is to make a distinction between three analytically different intellectual domains within the field, defining what in our view constitute three types of research discourses. McNamara and Herbert Y. However, except for those whom the publishers enlisted as external reviewers of our initial proposal, we know who they are, and will always remain grateful for their help even if we cannot identify them openly here. He is the author of The Political Discourse of Anarchy: Thus, whereas the Greenstein and Polsby volume on International Politics Greenstein and Polsby, b consists of only six chapters one of which, it must be acknowledged, subsequently turned into Kenneth Waltz's epochal Theory of International [Page xvi] Politics , and the New Handbook has allotted only four chapters to IR, we have made space for twenty-eight chapter-long presentations, covering what we perceive to be the major areas of study and controversy characterizing the contemporary IR research community.

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