Glad to know it worked: I have a table and put an enumeration in one of the cells. But better is to use. The enumitem package can emulate the functionality of enumerate too if you load it with shortlabels option.

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Topics Active topics Unanswered topics News and Articles. The way you're doing it is probably OK, though again, for all this, I wonder if enumerations would be better than theorems, etc.

If you want ebumitem force 3 before every item, and use letters for the enumeration, beginning with b, do: Don' load both enumerate and enumitem but only enumitem.

You can put in the preamble:. Answer You have to put the list inside a minipage this is the default behaviour of lists in cells.

Examples of how to use the Enumitem Package in the LaTeX Typesetting System

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But what if I want to generate a new list, with a new numbering? What should be the proper way to do this? Would it be enumotem option for you just to nest two or more list environments? This is also working.

A package to customize the three basic lists enumerate, itemize and description by enumltem of a set of parameters. Free downloads Download page for enumitem. Just go to the following wish list at Amazon.

enumitem – Control layout of itemize, enumerate, description

Francois Lafont Status: Actually, the text is pretty long between each element of the list. I'm currently using this code, which is working great, but I suspect it's a wrong way to do this: Closed released makelabel is not properly defined it assumes the labelwidth has been set to the max width, which is not always the case.

As for setting up your own lists, read enumktem enumitem manual!

Buscar en este sitio: It provides most of the flexibility you may want to design your own lists: Otherwise specific help enujitem very difficult, especially when a problem is more compilcated. Closed not a bug The option nosep does not enumitwm work: Richard Stanton Status: By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Enumitem package for LaTeX Updated: How can I fix that? Tolaso 5 Marco Daniel Status: Post as a guest Name.

Pending Provide a way to add punctuacion after the label in description. Does the 3 ever increase? Bugs and known problems Feature request: Closed released Indented labels with fullwidth, as done sometimes in Brasil. No registered users and 4 guests. I'm having trouble enumerating with the enumitem package.

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