St athanasius on the incarnation

Now, death must precede resurrection, as it would be no resurrection did not death precede; so that if the death of His body had taken place anywhere in secret, the death not being apparent nor taking place before witnesses, His Resurrection too had been hidden and without evidence. Introduction written by C. It is largely due to Athanasius that the church was rescued from the various and widely popular anti-trinitarian heresies of his day. But we behold Him, Who has been made a little lower than the angels , even Jesus, because of the suffering of death crowned with glory and honour , that by the grace of God He should taste of death for every man.

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On the Incarnation

Athanasius is a careful thinker. Imcarnation young Athanasius's enthusiasm reflects the incqrnation spirits of the exciting first two centuries of Christendom. For, as I have said previously, if it be unseemly to have used a body as an instrument, it is unseemly also for Him to be in the Whole. But as it is, what irreligious men believe not, the spirits see — that He is God — and hence they fly and fall at His feet, saying just what they uttered when He was in the body: But in so saying they know not that they are investing God with weakness.

For by men's means it was impossible, since they are but made after an image; nor by angels either, for not even they are God's images.

But since men's carelessness, little by little, descends to lower things, God made provision, once more, even for this weakness of theirs, by sending a law, and prophetsmen such as they knewso that even if they were not ready to look incaration to heaven and know their Creator, they might have their instruction from those near atjanasius hand.

Be strong you hands that hang down, and feeble knees; comfort ye, you of faint mind; be strong, fear not.

On the Incarnation by Athanasius of Alexandria

But kncarnation dying you shall die, what else could be meant than not dying merely, but also abiding ever in the corruption of death? When the sun rises after the night and the whole oj is lit up by it, nobody doubts that it is the sun which has thus shed its light everywhere and driven away the dark.

Apr 01, David Incarntion rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oct 24, Karen D rated it liked it. When, then, have they taken place, save when the Word rhe God Himself came in the body? GodWho has the power over all things, when He was making the race of men through His own Word, seeing the weakness of their nature, that it was not sufficient of itself to know its Maker, nor to get any idea at all of God ; because while He was uncreate, the creatures had been made of nought, and while He was incorporeal, men had been fashioned in a lower way in the body, and because in icarnation way the things made fell far short of being able to comprehend and know their Maker — taking pity, I say, on the race of meninasmuch as He is goodHe did not leave them destitute of the knowledge of Himself, lest they should find no profit in existing at all.

For this causethen, He has become man, and used His body as a human instrument. On the Athanasiuss by Athanasius of Alexandria.

But if, when transgression had once gained a start, men became involved in that corruption which was their nature, and were deprived of the grace which they had, being in the image of Godwhat further step was needed? But he sees that they move and have their being, without being actually able to influence them.

For it was not the Word Himself that needed an opening of the gates, being Lord of all; nor were any of His works closed to their Maker; but we it was that needed it whom He carried up by His own body.

Aug 21, George P.

For, men as they are, they will be able to know His Father more quickly and directly by a body of like nature and by the divine works wrought through it, judging by comparison that they are not humanbut the works of Godwhich are done by Him. The ancient writers didn't include a lot of fluff so these aren't as hard to get through as one would think. It is, then, proper for us to begin the treatment of this subject by speaking of the creation of the universeand of God its Artificer, that so it may be duly perceived that the renewal of creation has been the work of the self-same Word that made it at the beginning.

Quotes from On the Incarnatio Or whence was He to take it, save from those already in being, and in need of His Godhead by means of one like themselves? And I will give the wicked instead of his burial, and the rich instead aathanasius his death; for he did no wickedness incarnatin, neither was guile athanasous in his mouth. The Redemptive work of the Word based on His initial relation to the Creature.

But perhaps, shamed into agreeing with this, they will choose to say that Godif He wished to reform and to save mankindought to have done so by a mere fiatwithout His word taking a body, in just the same way as He did formerly, when He produced them out of nothing.

Summary and Outline of St. Athanasius’ “On the Incarnation” | mind your maker

And so it was that two marvels came to pass at once, that the death of all was accomplished in the Lord's body, and that death and corruption were wholly done away by reason of the Word that was united with it. For if he be not fit to receive it even now, it were better it had not been given him at first.

And that it was in order to the sacrifice for bodies such as His own that the Word Himself also assumed a body, to this, also, they refer in these words: Conclusion Append Thanks to the lovely Amy for gifting me this book. For it knows that it was not spontaneously, because forethought is not absent; nor of existing matter, because God is not weak; but that out of nothing, and without its having any previous existenceGod made the universe to exist through His word, as He says firstly through Moses: Refutation of the Gentiles - continued IX.

For as, when the likeness painted on a panel has been effaced by stains from without, he whose likeness it is must needs come once more to enable the portrait to be renewed on the same wood: But now Christ alone is worshipped, as One and the Same among all peoples everywhere; and what the feebleness of idols could not do, namely, convince even those dwelling close at hand, He has effected.

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