A Twitter List by BicycleRetailer. That's the main reason that we never dealt with BionX kits, and is something that I always cautioned people against. Retail imports remain strong ahead of tariff increases.

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BionX - Wikipedia

HydraPak acquires Polar Bottle. BionX GmbH is incorporated in Germany and continues to operate. Published June 21, Up Next Minnesota college to introduce degree in bicycle design and fabrication. If BionX does indeed shut down completely then there will be 10's or 's of thousands of BionX powered bikes out there with no support or upgrade path with things biox.

And who knows if with the right marketing that might have resulted in a boost in interest and sales for the BionX system. A Twitter List by BicycleRetailer. That said the only dealing I had with BionX, other than a test ride down to my car at Dirt Demo years ago to get some extra clothing and I thank them for that, was an OHM I bought cheap that worked well enough for biionx friend that used it blonx do a 3 mile commute to his school.

Retail imports remain strong ahead of tariff increases.

Research and development was based in SherbrookeQuebec [6]. For example, the P is usually sold as the P in Europe.

BionX Canada sells off parts of its business

The real killer was their battery replacement cost, it just isn't worth it to pay that kind of money for new batteries on a system that feels like old technology - that's what pushed me into this whole DIY world.

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I've always enjoyed selling Bionx. It does appear that their d kit is popular with the cargo bike set but at a price that is twice as much as other hub systems that are only slightly less powerful and way less obvious.

BionX Canada sells off parts of its business | Bicycle Retailer and Industry News

BionX quality with user programmability and open source for batteries would make a winning combination. BionX Canada, which has biojx retrofit e-bike conversion kits sinceentered into receivership at the end of February.

But what really made me sit up and take notice was when it stopped working and I took it to an OHM dealer for service. The balancer is shit, imho. Earlier this year, BionX informed GM that it would not be able to start building the kits without significant funding assistance from GM, which the company declined to provide.

Unfortunately, they kept a closed system and didn't play nice with others.

Might be a good idea for some of them to dive into fitting motors that gionx have proprietary systems and don't brake the seal warranties. Also the motor controller was prone to errors.

Endless Sphere

My first major build: But as mentioned the whole proprietary deal is not attractive to me and many others. On the one hand, their newer 'D' series motors asides from noise issues were quite unique with surprisingly good performance specs, among the best torque and power to weight ratio of any DD ebike hub motor on the market.

I was fortunate to find the German engineered canbus flasher device which allowed me to unlock speed limits. I think not and the only way to get on the new bus will be to cast off your old bike and buy a whole new one. All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: I just installed a new battery on a customer's 10 year old system that was still completely viable. Motors similar to BionX are rear hub motors by Panasonic e. Bicycles last for decades, and there's no reason that ebikes can't last for decades too.

Buy the ticket, take the ride. While it's unlikely that Bosch would go bankrupt any time soon, there's nothing saying that the corporate forces at Bosch might note decide that the ebike business doesn't have the same revenue to risk as their many other ventures, and they could just pull the plug too. Really the only reason I can think of is that by being "stealth" you can skirt the access rules but that is a street to nowhere.

Author Post time Subject Direction: Init was acquired by Magna [3] and by then its motors had become standard parts in many ebikes.

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