Robohelp 9 tutorial

Before we look at making any changes, it is important that you understand the template hierarchy. Click OK to create the hyperlink. What do you think about this post?

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If you delete any of the default sections, they will also appear in the dropdown enabling you to add them back in. Those that have chapters will convert all RH headings down one level whereas the others will leave the levels unchanged. Add topics after any of the sections. It is impossible to cover everything but I have tried to cover the main areas. You cannot change that until the printed document is produced in Word where you can set it up how you want it.

A Basic RoboHelp 8 HTML Tutorial

Learn how to create a context-sensitive Help system Salesbuilder-help. In that scenario the author will use a TOC as the default for the layout and then change things here. See Template Hierarchy for more information.

I use the Style Mapping template during the draft stages and then transfer the content to another template for production. Make the style changes via Word's Format menu, selecting Styles and Formatting. The Salesbuilder project helps you discover new features of RoboHelp 9, collaborate on creating projects, and generate context-sensitive help:. OK let's look further. This will most likely affect the page numbering and headers and footers.

Simply add the required additional topics to your layout in the position required. Alternatively, you can use the Style Organiser to import the style from some other template. For example, tutogial UK based, I want my printed output to be A4 but I want different styles for different projects.

Click OK to have the new topic displayed in the Topic List pane at the bottom.

Printed Output Using Adobe RoboHelp 9 or 10

Leave the box as if you wanted to carry on typing so that the cursor is still flashing and click the Finish button. Look for underscores in the default name, you will probably not want those on your cover.

You can change the title rbohelp the chapters but it is a bit tricky. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

The Adobe RoboHelp 9 sample projects are there to help you discover the power of this new version learn to create your own projects. Right click a layout where you have already mapped the styles and select Export Preferences to export the style map to where it can be accessed in rutorial.

What you get is this, there's not even a choice of take it or leave it, at this stage. If you want to make changes to the template, you robohwlp to ask yourself whether they just relate to the project you are working on or any project you will ever create. Noting what I have said about the template hierarchy, change the master copy of Style Mapping so that it uses the dictionary you want and outputs to A4 or your preferred size. The changes I want in all printed output I make to the master template, the changes for a specific project are then tutorail in the copy.

Whilst it takes some time to get the template set up, thereafter Robohslp find my results are more consistent and how I want them. The rename icon is on the toolbar just above the list of topics. Select to create one document with all the topics selected in the next page of the wizard.

RoboHelp User Guide Archive

To follow this article, you should understand how to create RoboHelp projects and edit project source files. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

With this option, RoboHelp automatically copies the template to your project, no questions asked. You can generate just a PDF, just a Word document, or both. I simply make the point so that you are aware of it. One caution about using your own template. Insert pre-existing Word documents after any of the sections.

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