Tsm interview questions

We have tried to provide some answers for the these questions. How you will define library? Is You Library Is Shared? What is the last parameter in define path? What Are Your Daily Activities?

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Top + IBM TSM Interview Questions - Best IBM TSM Interview Questions and Answers | Wisdom Jobs

On which TSM Server you will define tape drives in a shared tape library environment? Then based upon those errors, we need to fix the issues and rerun the backups upon client approval. What are your daily activities? Library IBMetc.

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Labeling is naming vol. Ans Cloptset is used to define a name for a set of options which you can assign to clients for archive, inyerview, restore, and retrieve operations.

Which service access point is created on the target computer during the Tivoli Common Agent installation? Tele Sales Interview Questions. Please send me a copy of them. To optimize the performance of fsm Tivoli Storage Manager backup environment use the below checklist make changes in the TSM server settin The Run as Administrator option is used to bypass user account control specifically on which operating system?

Spectrum Protect Basic Interview Question and Answers

Explain the log flow in the 6. No reason to lie. TSM at Mission Pharmacal was asked What is your tape model? To increase inteerview volumes for the storage pools. After deleting the files from the tapes how many days it should wait before returning to the scratch. Can you explain how to install and configure the tdpsql?

Directory path not found. What is audit volume? Have you done DR test? Give me collocation syntax?

Enter Your Demo Date. Video tutorial on questionss to audit tape volume. All the server configuration Information Protocol detail, bufffersize, log pool size, Volhistpath, devconfig path. Which Are Tsm Configuration Files?

Generally, cloptset is used to assign extra client options for any particular node from TSM Server end without logging into client machine. Once you done practice with these questions, prepare for the TSM basic concept questions. Telecom Billing Interview Questions. What Is Its Size? Disk pool, Tape pool.

How to check admin schedules status? Other please comement Votes: I don't want to see 'em. TSM provides automated storage management services to personal computers, workstations and file servers from several vendors, with different operating systems.

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