Humanure handbook

When it joins the "waste" from factories, restaurants and other business, and from drains on city streets, what then? A major limitation in advocating flush toilet systems for everybody, besides those mentioned above, is their prohibitive cost for nearly every country around the globe. My favorite quote is, " I apologize to the light-hearted among my readers for touching on such an apparently foul subject, but the growing global water and health crises stand in such stark contrast with current waste-management procedures, that it requires our urgent attention.

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Oct 02, Anna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Take a Look at the Loveable Loo Ecopotty. This handboom handbook provides information on composting, soil fertility and microorganisms, alternative graywater systems and much more.

I'd always believed the fecophobic assumption that human manure was unsafe. Worms numanure other parasites only come out if they already went in. Make sure it ages 2 years before putting on the garden. Not only is this something that I fully intend to practice on my homestead, but it is something that I wish I owned land RIGHT NOW so I could start doing it today, and stop wasting all of the valuable organic materials and nutrients my body passes.


This book was a surprising eye opener to me. Put a little sawdust or peat moss in a bucket. Several of t 3.

PaperbackThird Editionpages. I think people CAN change. Go to the Humanure Headquarters! I think they WILL change. The Humanure Handbook was a much more engaging read than I expected, and will long affect my views on waste and hukanure proper usage of that word. He kinda covers gray-water, but I would really suggest a different book if your seriously looking into gray-water reclamation.

More specifically, it is not any more dangerous than the body from which it is excreted.

The Humanure Handbook: A Guide to Composting Human Manure

Home Joseph Jenkins, Inc. Feb 18, Jeremy rated it it was amazing. Though using hymanure manure for composting is not a popular subject, it is one we all need to think about.

Jun 07, Johnny Stevenson rated it liked it.

The Humanure Handbook - Table of Contents

For hhumanure, not having enough natural fertilizers has given rise to a gigantic synthetic fertilizer industry. The most beautiful book ever written about shit.

I still think it needs better editing, but there is so much thought-provoking and practical information here. Collect it, compost it, put it on your garden, eat the food, poop it out, etc. Humanure Handbook: Contents

Defecating in our drinking water is perhaps one of our culture's most curious, but least talked about, habits. Joseph Jenkins is an internationally recognized slate roofing expert with a penchant for environmental and hmuanure justice issues. Different than the direct application of "night soil" primarily followed in some Asian countries, he details the importance of heat and age in safely composting human manure, while also stressing the simplicity and cleanliness of the task.

The Humanure Handbook yandbook that the average person is not terribly eager to deal directly with their own excrement.

Is my family grossed out? The bonus is that it is well researched, complete with footnotes and references. This new edition of The Humanure Handbook is: But I doubt that they will read it and think "Hey, I could be a little part of the solution!

Apr 19, Jeremy Kinney rated it it was amazing. Well written, practical, and thoroughly researched.

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