Brazilian Journal of Biology Redescription of Ascocotyle Ascocotyle felippei Travassos, Digenea: Of the 41 species, 38 were novel records in Huainan areas, and 12 were newly detected in Anhui province, including Metorchis anatinus, Echinostoma hortense, E. Investigation on the zoonotic trematode species and their natural infection status in Huainan areas of China.

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Survey on natural nidus of echinostoma miyagawai in Huainan Area. El mar caribe mexicano es registrado como una nueva localidad para esta larva de helminto.

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This genus comprises tremxtodos species, 1 of which, A. Testis lateral, symmetrical, and posterior or at the level of the ventral sucker. In The Biology of Chaetognaths, Q.

New records and a checklist of trematodes from Butorides striata Aves: The infection rate was ranked maximally in the ducks Classification of the species followed the taxonomy by Li et al.

Digenetic trematodes of some freshwater and marine fishes from Ghana. A total of 41 species were detected in the domestic samples, in which 23 were zoonotic trematodes, and 18 were internal trematodes of animals.

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Factors such as close contact trematodod aquatic collections may be related to higher parasite richness of trematodes verified in birds Bush et al. Moreover, Heterophyidae was the family with the highest number of species recorded in B. A review of trematodes. J Trop Dis Parasitol ;10 1: Some digenetic trematodes from Ecuadorian Bats including five new species and one new genus.

Materials and methods During JanuaryDr.

Cercaria is also used as a genus of trematodes, when adult forms are not known. Esophagus not observed, due to contraction of parasites.

Caeca wider posteriorly ending blindly and independently. Checklist of digenean parasites of birds from Argentina. Minimum and maximum size measurements of parasites in mm, mean and SD in parenthesis were made with a scaled eye piece, and prevalence and tremqtodos infection intensity follows Bush et al.

Quelques Strigeida Trematoda de la collection R. Morphological analyses of parasites permitted the identification of 7 species of trematodes belonging to 5 genera and 4 families.


Our larvae are different from Nikolaeva's Monilicaecum ventricosum Yamaguti, for lacking glands external to the stomach. This is where either a rediae or sporocyst will form depending on the host and if there is competition between tremtaodos two. Seven species of trematodes were identified during the study of helminths found in Butorides striata Linnaeus, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil: Preliminary investigation in the Metorchis taiwanensis infection in basin of Huaihe River.

Cable and Nahhas suggested that the cirripedian genus Lepas acts as a second intermediate host as they trematoros Monilicaecum type larvae in these crustaceans and later found both, the crustaceans and helminths, in the stomach of the dolphin fish Coryphaena hippurus Linnaeus.

Trematode life cycle stages

Postodiplostomum nanum was the species with the widest distribution, and was recorded to date in 3 countries Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, p. Clinostomum marginatum Rudolphi, Fig. Distoma marginatum Rudolphi, Chin J Vet Parasitol ;4 3: Previous extrapolations of the global parasite species richness show that 3 species of the trematodes are estimated for each bird species Poulin and Morand, ; Dobson et al.

Metacercariae of Centrocestus formosanus Trematoda: Vistas Leer Editar Ver historial. Distoma marginatum Rudolphi, Taxonomic summary Intensity of infection:

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